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ORC-UL (S-10 and S-11) hubs will begin shipping in late March. Please keep in mind that the actual date of your shipment may be later because the hubs will be shipped on a first come first served basis.  To lock your position in line, we are asking for full payment at the time of ordering.  Of course, if we fail to ship in a timely fashion (by April 30th) we will extend a full refund.  You may cancel your order at any time and receive a full refund, but you will lose your place in line.  

ORC-UL hub dimensions are available in a PDF below (Downloadable documentation)


We have decided to delay the release of a Campy specific hub. However, there is a viable option. I recently tested the use of a Shimano 11sp cassette with a Campy drive train and I discovered that, by using three micro shims placed roughly equally throughout the stack, a Shimano 11sp stack will shift perfectly with a Campy drive train.

Currently, the ORC-UL is available in S10 and S11 versions.  To address the needs of Campy users, I am now offering a modified version of the S11 that will include spacers for Campy 11. The modified S11 hub (O-UL-SC-11) will include the spacers and instructions on where to place them in the Shimano 11sp stack to achieve perfect shifting with a C11 drive train. I have tested this and the shifting is excellent.

I do plan to introduce a Campy specific hub. However, I do not have a target release date at this time.

Downloadable documentation:

Alchemy Price List

ORC-UL hub dimesions
E.L.F. notes with hub dimensions

Nippler instructions
Lube n' Lock notes/instructions

No minimums! We will sell you the exact number of spokes and nipples you need to complete a build.

Bike shop owners and custom wheel builders, please complete our dealer application and provide a copy of either your business license or state tax certificate so we can provide you with wholesale pricing.



Last updated: May 14, 2013